• Arrow keys / swipe (mobile): move tiles up/down/left/right
  • Space / press and hold (mobile): wait one turn (will spawn two new tiles)

Your goal: clear the board.

You accomplish this by smushing tiles into others with lesser/equal values. Doing so destroys the smaller tile and weakens (subtracts from) the larger tile by the smaller one's value.

Things to know:

  • A new tile will be added if you fail to remove at least one piece on a single turn
  • The new tile's value and position are denoted in the sidebar and by the empty grey border respectively
  • Occupying the new tile's future position results in a new position being chosen
  • There will always be at least two tiles on the board (creating one when necessary)
  • Smushing is done from largest to smallest (7 is handled as far as it can go before 3 is considered)
  • Mobile gestures are handled once your finger leaves the screen (i.e. press and hold will wait one turn once you raise your finger)

Tile smushing is resolved like so: (a smushing into b i.e. if moving left, a is on the right of b)

Condition Destroys
a > b b
a == b a & b
a < b none

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